An HOn30 porter testing a 3D printed micro module

Do you like model trains? Then this site is for you! I’ve been an avid model railroader all my life and it has been an incredible journey filled with memorable moments and meeting some great people. There’s a reason model railroading is called “The World’s Greatest Hobby”, it offers something for everyone! Whether you are a techno-geek, a history buff, or just someone looking to kill some time on a Saturday evening, model railroading has it all!

On this site, there are several neat pages to navigate which are being updated with new content!

The How-To Blog is the main hub of written content for this site.  I’ve always got new projects in the works and many of them get posted here.  You’ll find a variety of topics on this page from building model trains to railroad history, essays, hacks, tricks and tips, links to manufacturers, how-to articles, and much more! Much of what gets published on this page can be found on model railroad forums and discussion groups.

3D Printing is a page dedicated to this emerging technology and it’s usefulness for building model trains.  Here you will find links to different resources, blog posts, primers, videos, and other content related to 3D printing. This is a whole new world of opportunity and something I hope you will consider for your own inspiration and uses.

Model Railroads is a page for all of my current and upcoming model railroads. Unlike the blog which covers all sorts of topics, this page links to pages dedicated to each model railroad that is currently in the pipeline or under construction.  I have a very specific interest in railroads of the Black Hills and it is my goal to faithfully represent each railroad past and present that operated in the southwestern corner of South Dakota.  The unique prototypes and operations generally prevent using  ready-to-run models, so its here that the skills I am learning need to be applied to build model trains instead of simply buying them.

Feel free to look around and enjoy Model Train Maker, and if anything you read here stirs something within you please don’t hesitate to write a comment on a post.  As always, thank you for taking the time to check out this website!