You Need a Hobby

The World’s Greatest Hobby.

Do you like to create?  Then you need a hobby.

The world we live in now is fast paced and it takes a lot of energy to survive and pay the bills.  This constant stress can kill creativity and instead of striving for self-improvement, many only strive to get another paycheck and live for another week.  Make no mistake, life is hard; but it doesn’t have to be miserable.

If you are a human being, then you have an innate desire to create something.  We call this desire, creativity.  For many of us, there is little opportunity to be creative at work.  Expressing ourselves is often inappropriate in a world that has a template for everything.  Even at home, creativity is often suppressed.  If you rent or live in an HOA neighborhood, I’m sure there are a thousand things you’d like to do but can’t.  Some rules are meant for safety, most are meant for conformity.

That is why everyone, including you, needs a hobby.  In a hobby, there are few rules.  You get to decide the direction your creativity takes.  There are a million hobbies out there to enjoy, and the hardest thing is finding the few that suit you!  My hobby is model railroading. It is my first and greatest passion. I hope that this blog on will make a good argument for you to join me in the “World’s Greatest Hobby”.

James Willmus

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