My name is James Willmus. While I have many hobbies, my first and greatest joy is model railroading. Trains in general have always fascinated me and I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time in my life learning valuable skills about model making, electronics, programming, and art. While I had a blog back in high school, it wasn’t the time then to take things “to the next level”. However, in the last few years the “maker” movement has gathered steam that pairs excellent with the 150 year old “World’s Greatest Hobby”. DIY is having a renassiance in many cottage industries, and model railroading is no exception. Anyone can go to a store and buy everything needed to build a model railroad, but to make the hobby one’s own requires skills in a variety of crafts.

That is why “Model Train Maker” exists, to educate and inspire members of the hobby looking to realize their dreams. This blog not only features my personal path in the hobby, but also the many interesting and incredible paths for newcomers and experienced veterans alike.